We get it. College is busy. Between doing homework, possibly having a job, studying for tests and all of the cooking and cleaning that goes along with keeping yourself together everyday, some things fall by the wayside.

All too commonly, the “college ramen diet” is not the facade that students use to mask what they’re actually eating, it is what they’re actually eating. I’m not saying that to be in this camp you completely and fervently always eat ramen for every single meal – I’m simply saying that we, as college students, can do better. And, in the process, learn some things about cooking, eating, and improving your quality of life without spending as much money as you’d think while getting a lot out of your time and effort. I’m no Bobby Flay, but from my perspective of a 20-year-old guy who’s pretty much always hungry, I might have a few things to stay.

For starters: stop drinking or buying so much soda. Soda is great, but there are so many other beverage options that are healthier and also more satisfying than that Coke. This includes when eating at the dining halls. Go for tea, juice, or mix it up and combine the two with sparkling water. A particular favorite is basically any kind of juice with lots of ice and sparkling water or soda water. Not only will you drink less sugar, it’s more refreshing and palatable. And you’re more hydrated.

Second: go grocery shopping! Even if you’re a freshman, you’ll find that some times you’re hungry when kinda dining hall isn’t open. Now, this time is not really the best excuse to power through the gallon box of goldfish that your friend bought the one time you went to Costco a month ago; rather, go for something that tastes good and will actually keep you from getting up in the middle of the night to eat even more of those goldfish. I’m talking about almost anything that has some amount of carbs and protein: Kind bars, avocados, fruit and nuts (trailmix is a great go to) or even just some milk and a pb&j on whole grain bread.

No, it’s not rocket science, and it’s also not ramen. But for starters, you’ll be feeling better and won’t have to eat so soon after you made that bad decision to crush way too many goldfish.

OK, so what if, god forbid, you do really, really want ramen? There is a way to upgrade this sodium-ridden college grub into a seemingly half-decent complete meal.

srirachaAfter you’re done cooking your favorite flavor of ramen, scramble some eggs in a skillet. Add the eggs to the ramen, in addition to chopped onions, teriyaki sauce, and hot sauce like Sriracha (if you like spicy foods). Then, throw all of that goodness into a pot, and reheat while mixing everything together.green_onions

There. Now you have a soup that, while containing ramen, might not depress your mother at first sight.

I hope you all enjoyed my food tips, and remember:


Its not just about Ramen.


Fight On!


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