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CamelHump day: the cliché “almost there” of the week that so many of us are familiar with. In college, it seems all too often that hump day becomes hump week, and it’s usually in the middle of October, when midterms, projects, work, sports, and socializing all collide and explode into some of the busiest times of your four years at college.

Of course, it’s overwhelming, but it’s also such a great opportunity to grow and expand your limits! I’ve learned more about myself during the busiest times of my time here at USC, whether it’s through budgeting time more efficiently, enjoying the free moments more, or being more productive, the real growth happens outside of the classroom. And, in fact, it can be somewhat fun too!

The bright side: Thursday is FREE!

The bright side: Thursday is FREE!

Perspective is key during these times. It’s easy to get caught up or stressed out if you keep everything you need to do in your head at once; it’s much easier to focus on one thing at a time and slowly chip away.

And at the end of it all, go take a break, relax, and enjoy what you’ve accomplished! My past Favorite Study Spots Blog has some great ideas on the best spots on campus that you can check out if you’re in need of a focused, quiet, cerebral environment. Just don’t forget to do your work once you get there, since all of the spots tend to be pretty awe inspiring (hint: the always-popular philosophy library will make you feel like you’re at Hogwarts). One of the coolest parts about USC is that so many students are going through the exact same challenges you are, and that personal growth can become shared growth if you join up and work together (something that’s almost always encouraged here).

That’s all for now, besides a reminder that USC had a HUGE 48-14 win over Arizona last weekend!

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