mammoth_signMy most recent trip to Mammoth Mountain was last weekend from Friday to Monday! All told, 3 nights and 4 days of skiing proved to be refreshing and fun – a great escape from Los Angeles for a few days. Mammoth has great terrain for skiing and boarding; terrain parks, steeps, and groomers galore. The weather wasn’t too bad this time around either – Mammoth received over 15 FEET of snow in the week prior to our trip, so there was no shortage of the good stuff up there. You can check out a brief live video of my time there on our Facebook Page where I discuss more of the perks of travel to Mammoth!

mammoth_funnyPasses are available from Mammoth, but also stay keen for college pass day in the fall each year – for one day only passes are available for half of, or $325, for unlimited skiing and riding at June Mountain, Mammoth Mountain, Big Bear, and Snow Summit – a really diverse group of resorts that make sure that your time shredding stays fun!

I’ve touched on this in the past as well, but Mammoth is much easier to get to than you think: there’s an airport that has $49 one way flights from Los Angeles on a few major airlines like United, Alaska, and Southwest, and if you decide to drive, you’re in for a 5 hour scenic trip from the low to high desert, and then into the Sierras.

And, of course, if you’re interested in learning more about the mountain from the resort coordinators themselves, visit or go to their youtube channel at

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