To bring a car or not to bring: the perennial question facing many students and parents entering college.

pvWell, if the answer was so clear, this wouldn’t be such a common question. Fortunately, USC’s location and the orientation of LA, as well as the general trends of students at USC will ensure that either route you choose will turn out just fine.

Arguments for cars as a freshman:

Mobility. You’ll be able to leave campus much easier, get to the airport and back (if you need to – read: you still have to pay for parking) and you’ll have more general freedom as far as when you want to go.

Clout: Yes, this is mentioned somewhat jokingly, but it can also be useful for projects and interviews for jobs if you have a car and can dictate your own schedule. It can also, if you desire, raise you to the top of mobile students in your freshman dorm hall. Just don’t let the publicity go to your head.

And lastly, the views!

roadtripArguments against:

Cost. Of course, this is a big one, depending on whether you pay for your own gas, insurance, and maintenance. Furthermore, parking can be expensive.

Always being the driver: Without a doubt, your freshman friends will want nothing more than to have you take them to  lunch or drive them around in a friend’s car as compared to pay for an uber or similar.


Decide what you like best. For me, I went without a car my Freshman and Sophomore years, and it was just fine. I could borrow friend’s cars when needed. This year, I brought my own car out, and have really been enjoying it. Either way you choose, just make sure you balance the potential cost and time of owning a vechilce with the regards you’ll realize from it.

In the end, happy motoring – or ubering: either way will get you to the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1st!

And Fight On!


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