Flight, Buddhism, Outback, and Snow – Welcome Back!

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I hope you all enjoyed getting back to it as I have – as enjoyable as break is, it’s great to get into a (somewhat) busier routine and also return to some of the things that I so enjoy about being in Los Angeles, at USC, and with friends. My roommates (all 8 of them) and I had our semester kickoff dinner at Outback last night – a new tradition that’s usually accompanied by some interesting attire choices as well. Before that, I was with Michael at  Mammoth Mountain catching some sun and enjoying some skiing in the warm 50’s temps. Mammoth is usually fairly cold and snowy this time of year, but some warmer weather allowed for a really pleasant weekend up there. Additionally, the good weather in Los Angeles allowed some more flying – this time practicing some instrument approaches. If you remember back to August when I got my Instrument rating, you’re required to make 6 “practice” approaches every 6 months to maintain currency and be considered safe and fit to fly. I took care of these while flying out of Torrance airport (KTOA) with my friend Alan. We made a quick journey over to Long Beach (KLBG) and I put on a hood (a view limiting device so I could only see inside the airplane) and I flew the airplane through 6 approaches using only reference to the instruments. Hoods look kinda funny, especially when you’re wearing them…check out the pictures for more on that. School is back in full swing, as it’s already week 2 of the semester, and I’m finishing up my last general education class – REL 134g – Introduction to Buddhism. This class is really, really cool. Not only are you exposed to a very different religion and school of thought than is conventional for many students, the instructors and teaching assistants are extremely knowledgeable and truly care about the course, your understanding of the content, and your identification with the similarities and differences of understanding when you apply your own religious or spiritual experiences to the course. The readings are unique, and are much appreciated remorse from Aerodynamic Theory (not that that isn’t great, either). Wherever you may be, starting you year off, best wishes, and enjoy getting back to it!

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Naish is a Senior studying Aerospace Engineering. He’s a pilot, and will talk with you for as long as you want about planes (and other stuff too).

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