What did you do today?

It’s always fun to take a glimpse into the life of someone else’s day to day affairs, and USC Engineering lives are no exception. To give y’all a snapshot of what’s been going on in my life, here’s a quick look at what I was up to today…

8:00AM Wakeup Call! Up and ready for the day. After a quick breakfast I worked on some scheduling and recognition items for the USC chapter of AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics). Getting the student organization officially recognized on campus is an important part in continuing a relationship with the Viterbi School and also has other benefits like funding too!

Backyard Project10:00AM Construction time! My dad and I have been working for a few weeks on a back porch for our house, and also have been building a deck. Since he’s an engineer too, we’ve been putting our skills to the test building this backyard lounging area. Today, I was working on setting a 6″x6″x12′ post (pretty big and heavy!) on one of the sides of the patio. It’s important to get the post in level, so after a few hours of digging and bracing the post with wood, and using a special level, we poured concrete around the post to create a foundation and called it a day.

12:00PM Lunch! Grabbed a bite to eat at home. Fairly average by most accounts, but plenty of avocados to go around. They’re one of my favorite foods by far.

1:30PM Off to the Airport! Today I began the process of getting “checked out” in a Diamond Katana 20, which is a light general aviation aircraft. Even though I have a license to fly the same category and class of airplane as the Katana, it’s a requirement to fly once or twice with an instructor before going out on your own in order to be safe. Diamond DA-20 KatanaIt was a shorter flight than expected, as the airport we flew out of was experiencing some radio issues, but all told, it was great to get back up in the air.

4:00PM To the Shop. My car needed some work done before the roadtrip out to school, so I checked in with the shop to see how the progress was coming along. Hopefully all will be well by tomorrow!

6:00PM Dinner Time! A quick take-and-bake pizza was a fast and easy, yet delicious dinner.
7:00PM Watching the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro! I almost always watch the Olympics for too long, and today was no exception. Even as I’m finishing up this blog, I really should go to bed. But, they’re only once every four years (or two if you count winter, I guess…)Rio!

I hope you enjoyed a snapshot of my day in the life, and as always, looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall! Only another week or so!

Fight On.


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