When I applied to USC, I didn’t know much about the school. When I came to visit in an Explore session in March of my senior year of high school, I fell in love with the school. The resources available at USC (as private schools often are capable of doing) made a big impression. But beyond that, the students I met were the nicest engineers I had interacted with. The school felt like it was bustling with energy, and the students were all loving their college experience. The people I met were working hard and learning a lot, and as someone who was unsure of what kind of engineering I wanted to do, the option to come in as an undeclared engineer was icing on the cake. At the time, the universities I was deciding between were USC (my top choice after touring), U Penn (my second choice), UW (my state school), Berkeley, and University of Arizona (where I got a full scholarship). When I got my scholarship at USC, the decision to come here was a no brainer; I felt like everything was pointing me to USC.

Now, after three years at USC, I can confirm all of my initial impressions. The resources at USC are incredible. As a freshman I started working in a research lab on campus, and now have experience working in a robotics lab, as well as an electrical engineering lab. When I wanted to work on a project outside of class and didn’t have the equipment I needed, I got 24-hour access into a USC Electrical Engineering lab. Many of my classmates are my best friends, and some of the coolest people I know. We work and learn together both in and out of class. My classes are hard work, but with help from Professors and students, I have learned an unreal amount in just three years.

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I have never questioned my decision to come to USC and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!