One of my favorite things about USC is the variety of places to study! Changing up study spots keeps doing homework interesting. One of the advantages of going to school in Southern California is that the weather is almost always nice. I love studying outdoors as much as possible. (As a Seattleite, I make sure that I can get as much Vitamin D as possible!) On campus, there are a ton of nice outdoor study spots. The new Engineering Quad (aka E-Quad) is beautiful and has some chairs and tables set out for working at. I also like spending time in McCarthy Quad and Alumni Park.


Yesterday, Emerick and I worked in the grass in front of Vivian Hall.

Yesterday, Emerick and I worked in the grass in front of Vivian Hall.

USC has over 17 libraries, and they all have a different feel. Whatever study environment you’re looking for that day, you can find it in one of USC’s libraries. My favorites are SAL (the computer lab), Doheney (the classic library feel) and the Philosophy library (there are beautiful stained glass windows). At some libraries around campus you can actually reserve rooms where you can work with people on group projects without bothering anyone nearby.

USC also has a student-run café on campus called Ground Zero. It’s always a nice place to stop and get a milkshake while studying. Plus, in the evenings they put on weekly open mikes.

All the milkshakes at Ground Zero!

There are also some really cool cafes to explore downtown (only a 10 minute drive). Syrup is one of my favorites – it’s a nice ambiance and they also have delicious deserts! The Pie Hole and Spring for Coffee are also great choices. The Los Angeles Public Library is also downtown and is a nice place if you want a quieter study space.

I love studying at Syrup!

If you ever want to change up your study spot around USC, there are always options!