Junior year just started and I can’t believe how great all my Professors are this semester! I am taking three EE classes (two on Integrated Circuits and one on Computer Architecture), a statistics class, and a general education class (on changing family forms in Western culture, specifically the United States).

I’m already knee-deep in homework and material for my EE classes and am learning a ton! I’m learning all about semiconductors and am getting into more advanced circuit analysis. My labs for the Computer Architecture class are really long but totally worthwhile. We get to use FPGA boards to implement circuitry that we design.

On top of my classes, I’m keeping busy working for SynTouch LLC, where I interned this summer. I’m working for them at least until the end of September, and will probably continue throughout the rest of the school year. Hopefully I’ll also be able to keep up a low time commitment at the Interaction Lab and continue to stay involved in research but I don’t want to get behind on my classes.

And, of course, I’m making sure to keep having fun and hanging out with friends! I went to Coronado for Labor Day weekend and am starting to play in an intramural Frisbee league next week.

The bonfire we cooked dinner in on our way down to Coronado.

The bonfire we cooked dinner in at San Onofre on our way down to Coronado.

It’s looking like a busy semester. I’m swamped but I’m so excited! 🙂