This week I came back home for Thanksgiving! My grandparents are in town so I came home early to spend some extra time with them. Plus it was my little brother’s birthday yesterday, so I got to be home for his sweet 16!

This year I get to be home for Thanksgiving and Hannukah (they’re in the same week this year!), which I’m super happy about! I get to eat homemade latkes and souvganyot (it’s a jelly filled donut but better) and be with my family for my favorite holiday. Last year though, I didn’t get to be home for  Hannukah and I was pretty upset that I was going to be missing all the celebrations at home.

It turned out pretty fun though! My friends got a menorah and we lit candles and ate falafel. USC Hillel also puts on some events and hands out latkes and other goodies. Everyone got together and sang songs. It ended up being a great way to spend the holidays!

For a lot of people, going home over the holidays isn’t possible. Even if it wasn’t exactly like home, USC helped make my holiday away from home a fun time! And sometime you’ll even stumble upon some new traditions! Like new Hannukah songs!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holidays whether or not you’re home this year!