I’ve mentioned it before, but this summer I am interning at Boeing up in my hometown, Seattle! I am very excited to get back home for a few months, and also to work at such a cool company. My work is going to be in a research lab that explores the effects of lightening on airplanes. (An airplane getting struck by lightening is apparently not as rare as I would have thought!)

My view from the Boeing internship manager meet event.

My view from the Boeing internship manager meet event.

Around October in the fall, USC does a lot of events that let students network and search for jobs and internships. I requested to be a part of VINE, a networking event, where I met some very cool, helpful recruiters. What was awesome was that a lot of the recruiters actually work in the groups that I would want to join in the company. I especially get along well with a really cool manager at Micron, and another manager at HP. I was especially excited about the Micron work, and ended up requesting an interview with the manager I had met the next day. Meanwhile, the Electrical Engineering department at Viterbi sent out an email that Boeing was conducting interviews for a summer internship, and that we were all encouraged to apply. I got an interview slot about a week after applying, and had a group interview with three mangers at Boeing. I got two job offers that week, and it sucked to have to pick between them since I was excited about both. 🙂 Guess that’s a good problem to have.

VINE networking event

I ended up choosing to work at Boeing because it was a better fit for me this summer, both from the perspective of the work I would be doing, and the location back home with my family. But beyond getting an internship through that week of networking, I’ve also gotten a few connections in other companies that I am very interested in working at in the future.

I’m so excited for my work this summer and it was great to get such cool internship options so early in the year!