This past July I moved into my new apartment for the upcoming school year. I’m living off campus in the Olympic Village – a cute, fenced off street with Tudor style houses and really nice neighbors.


Moving this year was very different from moving into dorms since all of my stuff was already down in SoCal and the main difficulty was decorating and furnishing. Since we are poor college students we didn’t want to spend too much money decorating, so we took on a bunch of art projects. We made a string art daisy for the mantle, a paint swatch collage for our wall, and I made my own curtains. Although not all of our artistic endeavors were a success, they were a nice personal way to add a touch of home to our apartment.


Another word to the wise college student: Craigslist is your best friend. Our couch this year was such a steal! We rented a steam cleaner from Ralph’s and got all the stains out so it looks great now!