I’m so excited to be spending my first summer in Los Angeles! I can never get enough of the perfect weather and constant sunshine.

I’m lucky enough to be taking two classes that are totally unrelated to anything I’ve taken before: EXSC 205: The Science of Human Performance and WRIT 340, which is upper division writing for engineers.  Both classes were recommended to me by fellow Viterbi students, and both of the teachers are supposed to be incredible.  I love that USC allows me to broaden my learning experiences by taking classes like this while still graduating in four years.

I’ll also be working at the USC American Language Institute, working with the International Teaching Assistants, or ITAs.  USC gives these international students the opportunity to fully experience American culture by working with teachers in their department.  I’ll be meeting with there teaching assistants, talking to them about their experiences, answering any questions they have, and helping them feel more at home at USC.  I’ve had ITAs assist with many of my classes and they’ve always taken their time to give me additional help, so I’m looking forward to repaying the favor!

This summer is looking like it’s going to be one of the best yet.  I can’t wait to see all of the orientation groups getting their first glimpse of what it’s like to really be a student on this amazing campus.  I’m looking forward to exploring Los Angeles more, especially the beaches and hiking trails.  Hopefully I’ll be able to include a successful attempt at learning to surf in my next blog post!


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