I can’t believe the spring semester is about to come to a close and that I’ll be halfway done with my undergraduate experience here at USC! This has been such an amazing semester for me.

There were a lot of experiences that made this semester a great one, but one thing I really enjoyed was getting introduced to some upper division materials in my classes.  I had a new teacher for ENE 400: Environmental Engineering Principles, Professor Deshmukh. His experiences working as an engineer in Southern California really added to the content of the class, as he was able to bring in his colleagues from the field to speak to us throughout the semester.  It was also a very small class, only 11 people, which was helpful because it allowed us to get to know one another and ask a lot of questions.  I really enjoyed seeing how civil and environmental engineering applied to the real world.

I also continued to try new things both on campus and in Los Angeles.  I attended my first Friends and Neighbors Service Day with the Society of Women Engineers, where we prepared pet food deliveries to people with service animals.  It was such a rewarding experience, and I made a ton of new friends! I also hiked up to the Getty Center for the first time with my dad when he flew in from Florida to visit.  It was such a beautiful view and fun experience, a great workout from all of the walking, and it’s free!  I’m definitely planning on going back this summer.

It’s sad that another semester has gone by way too quickly, but I can’t wait to see what my first summer at USC has in store for me.  I have so much to look forward to with my first on-campus job and the two classes I’ll be taking, I’m sure I’ll have more adventures and stories to share!

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