I can’t believe summer is already coming to an end! It went by way too quickly, like it always does. I spent all of my summer in Los Angeles, and I had some pretty amazing experiences.

1. I decided to take Writing 340 for Engineers over the summer.  Writing 340 is a required class for all upperclassmen at USC, and you can take it tailored to a wide variety of majors.  I chose to take the class for engineers and I’m so happy I did! It was a class of about 16 engineering students, none of whom I had met before, and by the end of the two months we were all really close.  And since I took it over the summer, I didn’t have other classwork to worry about, which really allowed me to focus on my writing.

2. My birthday was in July, and I was really nervous celebrating it away from home.  Luckily, my mom and two best friends from home flew out to LA to surprise me!  Neither of my friends had ever been to California, so I got to spend the week showing them around and hitting up all the tourist spots, which was so fun. I was so happy to see my home life intersect with my life here at USC.

3. I started work at the USC American Language Institute after finals this past May.  I got paired for the summer with multiple international USC graduate students. We would meet once a week to go try a new experience in LA, like a restaurant or a hike.  I was able to show these students the culture of Los Angeles and also help them with their language skills.  It’s an amazingly rewarding job, as the students are always really grateful for my help.

The list of amazing memories I made this summer goes on and on, and looking back I’m happy I stayed in LA. But now it’s time to start a new adventure, entering my second half of college.  I can’t wait to be a junior!

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