I don’t know how this happened, but it’s my last semester here at USC! After a wonderfully relaxing (and warm) winter break at home in Florida, I’m back on the (still nice and warm) West Coast. I spent a lot of time with family, and studying for my Engineer in Training (EIT) exam which I took at the beginning of January. I passed! That means my next step is eventually taking my Professional Engineering Exam, making me a licensed professional engineer. But that’s still a ways away; for now, I’m still here at the best school on Earth, finishing off my last semester.


This semester, I’m in five awesome classes. Four are engineering classes: Particulate Air Pollutants, Wastewater Treatment Design, Engineering Geology, and Geotechnical Engineering. Geology and Geotech are lab-based classes, which I always enjoy because I love getting to see the applications of what I’ve been learning in class. My fifth class is Deepwater Cruising, aka sailing. I’m so excited! The class includes an overnight sailing trip with your friends. It’s a class I’ve been wanting to take since my freshman year here, and it’s a great addition to my engineering schedule.

On top of classes, I’ll be continuing my internship with Webcor Builders in downtown LA. And after I’m done with class and work, I’ll be out continuing to explore┬áthe city and taking lots of pictures to remember my senior spring by. Expect lots of follow up posts on how I’ve been keeping myself busy and making the most of my last semester as a student in Los Angeles!


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