Me on move-in day in my very first USC shirt!

Unlike many of my friends here, I became a Trojan as an adult. I am not a second-generation Trojan, I don’t have an adorable photo of me in a USC outfit as a baby.  But if someone today asked me about myself, the first thing I would describe myself as would be a Trojan.  It’s the best part of me, something I’m very proud of, and something that connects me to students and alumni that I haven’t even met yet. There’s tons of things that set us apart from other schools, but I’ve tried to sum up some of my favorite USC moments that only students here can understand.

  1. Hearing someone yell “Fight On!!” at you somewhere that isn’t USC. This is something I experienced for the first time on my flight out to school for move-in day freshman year. I honestly didn’t know how to react. Then I realized I had a USC shirt on and I laughed. It’s amazing how excited people are when they find out I go to USC, whether I’m out in LA or at home in Florida. I’ve even had more than one alumni offer to interview me for jobs based solely on the fact that I’m a student here. And now as a senior, I’m very comfortable saying “Fight On!” and starting a conversation with anyone in USC gear, whether it’s at an airport or a sporting event.
  2. The cinema school, where Ive run into tons of celebrities!

    The cinema school, where I’ve run into tons of celebrities!

    Having to go around a film set or famous person to get to class. I definitely can’t blame people for wanting to spend time on our beautiful campus. I want to spend all of my time here too! I’ve been politely asked to go around because they’re filming Modern Family, I’ve looked up from my phone to see Beyonce exploring campus after leaving her Superbowl rehearsal at the Coliseum, and I’ve done way too many double takes after passing my favorite actors who are on their way to speak for classes and events. The best part is definitely seeing USC on TV and making sure to tell my friends and family “hey I go there”.

  3. Hearing the Trojan Marching Band play the Fight Song during Finals. You’ve been camped out at your favorite window table for hours, taking turns with your friends to get coffee and snacks.  Then, in the middle of the night, you hear the world’s best marching band outside start playing your fight song to cheer you all up.  And you take a break and smile and sing. It’s something I’ve always loved about being a student here. You can’t be sad about finals with a bunch of your friends dressed in cardinal and gold outside in a fountain at midnight on a Monday blasting the fight song at full volume. It’s impossible. Trust me. FIGHT ON!


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