Hey everyone! This week I thought I’d share my favorite study spot with you: the Campus Center.

The Campus Center, or CC,  is exactly what it sounds like, a courtyard in the middle of campus with buildings surrounding it. The buildings that make up the CC house things including the admissions center, the USC pharmacy, a food court, art exhibits, and more. And the courtyard itself has dozens of shaded tables, couches, and other seating areas for students to hang out and do work. When you’re sitting in the courtyard, you’re surrounded by the whir of people walking by, other conversations, the fountain, and occasionally the piano which is sitting out for anyone to play on. It’s the perfect setting for doing group work, making calls, or catching up on emails.

Me with some lemonade from the CC!

Me with some Lemonade from the CC!

If you need somewhere a little quieter but you still want to be outside, you can walk upstairs to the second floor, where there are more two-person tables set off from the crowd of people in the courtyard. It’s a little more secluded and quiet, while still allowing you to be outdoors (in the shade, of course) and around other people. If that’s still too loud for you, you can head up to the third and fourth floor balconies, which are farther away from the bustle of the courtyard below.

View from the 4th floor balcony at the CC!

View from the 4th floor balcony at the CC

During midterms I head inside into the main building of the Campus Center, where there is a family room filled with tables, couches, and outlets. It has a four-story high ceiling and a very warm feel to it, so that you can study for hours without feeling isolated or worn out. And it doesn’t hurt that the coffee shop is just a step outside. During finals, when I need somewhere silent to study 24 hours a day, I head up to the fourth floor of the CC to the Forum.  The Forum is a medium-sized room that is used for various presentations and exhibits during the school year, but during finals it turns into a 24-hour quiet space filled with large tables. It’s a very warm room with a great view, so I always feel comfortable and happy studying there.

The Campus Center has such a large variety of study spaces, I’m sure I’ll discover some new ones in the future, so I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated.  In the mean time, you know where you’ll find me!

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