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How does Viterbi create inclusive spaces for its diverse student body?

Whether it be student involvement on campus or cultural organizations, Viterbi’s diverse student population provides a valuable opportunity for students to learn from each other’s differences. To ensure that every student regardless of background feels at home, Viterbi has support systems in place to promote equity, build inclusion, and help you find your community.

Diversity by the Numbers

Viterbi is committed to creating a diverse engineering student body at USC to enhance collaboration and your educational experience. Explore to learn more on how we are working towards our goal!

Center for Engineering Diversity

The Center for Engineering Diversity fosters a community for underrepresented minority students in the School of Engineering by providing collaboration work spaces as well as hosting programs to enhance student’s skill and build their networks.

What are some useful tips?

Getting acclimated to campus and knowing some of the ins and outs can be hard. Check out some tips from some Viterbi students!

USC’s professors and TA’s are generally super invested in students’ work and understanding of the material. Never hesitate to use office hours, Piazza, Ed, etc. whenever you need help or want clarification about something; it’ll help you build a much stronger foundation in your classes.

Noah KimComputer Science, 2022

My top tips and tricks for a first year student would be: 1) you do not need a car and 2) get comfortable with checking your email. When I was a freshman I spent the vast majority of my time on or around campus which is great because you learn how to navigate a college campus, but you also don’t go very far. If you can learn how to check your email, you are automatically going to be better prepared for assignment deadlines, upcoming exams, and club fairs or networking opportunities available. Ftfo

Miranda JernbergChemical Engineering, 2021

I wish i would’ve known about all the resources available at SC. Things like the Viterbi career center, Trojan Talks, supplemental instruction , and VARC became a huge help after I found out they were there.

Cameron ColeComputer Science and Administration, 2023

With the shift to online school, one of the prevailing challenges of being freshmen remains the feat of making friends. Now that our microphones are almost always muted and we lack eye contact and small side conversations, it seems impossible to befriend the person sitting next to you, but I’d disagree. Be the proponent of friendship: send a private message to someone and start up a conversation--chances are, they’re in the same boat as you and looking for friends as well.

Pilar LuizComputer Science, 2023

What do labs in Viterbi look like?

We know that visiting campus right now is not an option, but you can still see what labs look like through our 360 degree lab tour videos! Join Audrey as she takes you on a virtual, 360 degree, tour of the Rocket Propulsion Lab.

For more 360 degree tours of Viterbi, USC campus, and LA, click the button below to be redirected to our YouTube tours channel!

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What does the USC campus look like?

Viterbi is a part of the greater USC community, which, in turn, is a part of the greater Los Angeles community. When you choose Viterbi, you choose: the plethora of food options available on campus, the various outdoor and indoor study options popular and hidden alike, and a cohesive campus that features students of interdisciplinary interest both in and out of Viterbi.

Tour of USC Campus

Fun fact: the USC Campus has been featured in many films and TV shows, such as, The Goldbergs, How to Get Away With Murder, Scandal, and Legally Blonde. Try to find spots from your favorite shows!

Why Engineering?

When you choose engineering, you are choosing a difficult discipline that boils down to problem solving. You also choose to be a global ambassador to solve the problems of tomorrow’s world, today. You choose to fight the global drinking water crisis, to find new ways of clean, sustainable energy, and to discover the next quantum leap in technology to better humanity. Learn more about our Dean’s vision and the Grand Challenges of engineering here.

Engineers often branch out to other disciplines to bring their problem solving abilities into their passions and hobbies. At Viterbi, we call this Engineering+. Students get involved in Engineering Plus dance, Engineering Plus business, Engineering Plus music industry, and countless others. Check out some student experiences with Engineering Plus in the blogs featured to the right.

Can you meme Viterbi?

Meme-ing Viterbi is almost second nature to the students. We can all relate to the same experiences. Whether it be late nights in our computer labs, “secret” work spots around campus, poking fun at each other’s majors, or even cracking jokes at well known textbooks, we all enjoy the moments we can laugh together at the things we all share. If you want a sneak peek into our meme life, check out our Instagram comics page, our Twitter, or our TikTok feed! 
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