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Joining greek life is something a lot of students consider while at USC. When I was thinking about joining a sorority, I was especially worried that I could not balance greek life with engineering. Then, I met some engineers involved with greek life! They reassured me that I could get involved in my free time and that it was a great way to do something outside of Viterbi. 

I ended up going through sorority recruitment at the beginning of sophomore year. I was really excited to meet new people and join a strong community of women. Recruitment felt time consuming, but it was at the beginning of the semester so not much was going on in my classes yet. After I joined a house, I was able to put in as much time or as little as I wanted. I thought that I would only have time to attend a few things per week, but I ended up having the time to get involved more. I definitely went to the social events, but I also met some of my best friends and surprisingly spent more time doing homework. There were so many motivated people around me that I felt encouraged to work as hard as them. I am far from being the only engineer in my house, and it makes for a really supportive environment!

If you are looking to get involved on-campus in a new way, greek life is a great way to do so. It brings balance to engineering courses and helped me meet people outside my major. There are so many opportunities to get involved with the house and even more opportunities to lead. Next year, I’ll be on the executive board and be around to help support every single person in the house. I would have never expected greek life to be a large part of my time in college, but I am so happy that it is! If you are interested in going greek, I hope this helped give you more information.

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