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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…football season! For me, fall semester is synonymous with football. You can’t beat gamedays: tailgating with friends, screaming the USC Fight Song, and the palpable electricity when the Trojans score a touchdown are enough to make me wish we had a home game every weekend.

One of the student organizations that I’m a part of is Trojan Knights, a service and spirit club on campus. Because spirit is one of the pillars of the organizations, all of us in it take USC, and especially USC football, very seriously. In fact, many of us body paint for the games (yes, we’re the ones you’ve seen on TV and in the news)! I’ve had the opportunity to body paint for the first two games of our season against Fresno State and Stanford. For the Fresno State game, I was the exclamation point in the phrase “FIGHT ON!” and for the Stanford game I was the first “C” in “MUSCLECARR”, which is a pun using the name of one of our running backs, Stephen Carr.

The Knights and Helenes all got a photo with Stephen Carr after the game!

Since I’m at the front of the student section covered in cardinal and gold paint, I’ve made several appearances on ESPN. One of these appearances has gained infamy, though. When we painted “FIGHT ON!” my friend who was the letter “G” decided to use the bathroom midway through the game. Unfortunately, this was the exact moment ESPN decided to spotlight us. The whole nation saw us spelling “FIHT ON!” and it instantly became a meme both at USC and nationally. I guess you could say I accidentally became peripherally famous? My friend, the “G”, won’t ever be able to live that incident down, and I already know we’ll be hearing jokes about it at every game this season.

I love being able to represent the USC student body and lead the student section at football games. It has truly given me a new appreciation for the game of football and made me realize how lucky I am to go to a school that values spirit so highly.

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