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This semester definitely got off to a fast start! As I write this, I’m in the midst of preparations for two midterms and am writing my first Thematic Option paper of the semester. My classes this semester are all extremely interesting, I’m taking my first two Mechanical Engineering classes (statics and thermodynamics), along with differential equations, a course on French and American political philosophy, and my third semester of physics. They’re already keeping me very busy; I can already tell that this will be both a challenging and rewarding semester.

As if I wasn’t busy enough already, I’ve also made sure to stay involved. I’m on executive board for two different organizations, Engineers Without Borders and Trojan Knights. I’ve really loved holding leadership positions in two groups that I’m highly passionate about. It has given me a new appreciation for the organizations, and has allowed me the opportunity to refine my leadership skills while working on different projects and attending events with some of my closest friends.

I’ve also taken on a job this semester as a Supplemental Instruction leader! Supplemental Instruction is a program that is offered at USC and many other universities around the world. It’s an academic support program that offers students additional review sessions and opportunities to learn challenging material from their courses, led by undergraduate students who have already taken the class. The program exists for many of the most commonly taken classes at USC, including math, biology, chemistry, physics, and economics courses. As an SI Leader for Calculus 3, I attend Calculus 3 lectures so that I’m up to date on what material the professor is covering. Then, outside of class I prepare review sheets on the previous week’s material which summarize concepts/formulas and also provide additional practice problems. I then go over these sheets and the problems on them in several review sessions a week.

I’ve loved working as an SI Leader this semester! Helping students develop a deeper understanding of math concepts is extremely rewarding for me, and knowing that I’m supporting their academic successes is truly gratifying. I’m looking forward to continuing this position for the rest of the semester, and potentially in future years!

On top of the world with one of my best friends!

As you can tell, I’ve kept myself busy this year. However, that hasn’t stopped me from making sure to lead a balanced life. I’ve still been able to do all the things I love outside of the classroom, including hiking, going to the beach, and spending time with friends. My friends and our adventures have made this semester one to remember already, and I’m looking forward to all the memories we’ll make throughout the rest of the year. Stay tuned to hear more about my adventures, academic endeavors, and more!

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