A Week to Reset (and Surf)

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It’s crazy to think that we’re already more than halfway through the semester! The last two months have flown by and been incredibly memorable, I can definitely say I beat the so-called “sophomore slump.” Myth busted!

The semester has been so fast-paced that I’ve barely had time to relax, and though I enjoy everything I’m involved in, really like my classes, and look forward to every night spent with my best friends, it’ll be nice to finally have some time to breathe. Don’t get me wrong, I love being busy, but sometimes you just need a day (or several) to relax and refocus. Thankfully, I’ll be able to do that over spring break!

I’m super excited to head to Costa Rica with my family for a week of surfing, relaxing on the beach, catching up on work, yoga, and great food. My entire family likes to adventure, and surfing has become a sport all of us enjoy (and are pretty good at)! We regularly go surfing, and I try to get out and surf Malibu as much as I can during the school year. It’s a great way to exercise, relax, and get an adrenaline rush. Despite the wipeouts, sore arms from paddling, and stubbed toes, it’s all worth it for even ten seconds on a wave. The drop is exhilarating, and riding the wave’s face all the way down the line is even better. When I surfed over winter break, I almost got inside a barrel — check out how close I was in the photo above! This time, my goal is to actually get inside one.

Sunset sessions are my favorite!

A week spent on the water will prepare me for the busy weeks ahead. Though the semester is more than halfway done, I still have a long ways to go! I’ve gotten through many of my midterms, but there’s another round on the way, in addition to a paper for my Thematic Option class. For the clubs I’m involved with, I also have a few large scale events in the pipeline, including four major service events I planned almost entirely. These will be extremely rewarding, but there’s a lot of logistical work that’ll go into them in the weeks to come.

But the second half of the semester won’t only be about work! I’ve got a lot to look forward. The weekend I get back I get to see my favorite band in concert (Catfish and the Bottlemen, if you haven’t heard of them drop everything and listen right now!) then the next morning I leave to spend the rest of the weekend camping with some of my best friends. Shout out to Peaks and Professors for making that a possibility! Peaks and Professors is a super cool organization that organizes student-led hiking and camping trips which you go on with a USC professor, who you get to know and connect with while enjoying the natural beauty that’s so abundant around LA. I have a ton of friends who are trip leads, so I’ll be going on this one with a good friend who’s a senior. I’ll be sure to share pictures on my Instagram and keep you all posted on how it goes! Then, in April I have an abundance of social events, including my birthday, then before I know it I’ll be a junior. College is flying by, it’s hard to believe I’m almost halfway done (and it’s a fact I try to ignore). That’s all for now, but keep checking back for more content, and fight on!

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