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Mechanical Engineering, ’21
Omaha, NE

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My name’s Miles and I’m a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Programming from Omaha, Nebraska. On campus, I’m involved with Engineers Without Borders, a club working to complete impactful engineering projects in less-developed countries, as the Fundraising Director. Additionally, I’m a member of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, a professional organization for students studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. I also love giving back to USC and the surrounding community, which I’ve been able to do with the Trojan Knights, a school spirit and service brotherhood. In my free time, you can find me exploring LA in an effort to find the city’s best avocado toast or enjoying the Southern California sunshine by hiking Runyon Canyon, surfing in Malibu, or playing beach volleyball in Santa Monica!
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Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders is an organization that uses engineering solutions to improve the lives of people living in less-developed countries. This year, we’re working on a water filtration and irrigation project in Guatemala and a well and pump maintenance project in Kenya. I’m the Fundraising Director for the club, which means I work with my team to find donors and plan campus fundraising events.
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Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers

IISE is a professional organization for students majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering. As a junior officer this school year, I worked with the rest of the executive board to plan and market events, such as an alumni panel.
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Trojan Knights

The Trojan Knights have been USC’s Official Hosts and Guardians of Tradition since 1921. We’re tasked with having a strong presence at sporting events (sitting front row and cheering our Trojans onto victory) and giving back to the community through service projects such as Swim With Mike, Kicks for Kids, a Bone Marrow Drive, and more.
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My Major: Industrial & Systems Engineering

How did I pick my major?

I was admitted to USC as a mechanical engineering major, but I wasn’t entirely sure that it was the right fit for me. I ended up going through the course plans for every major and looking at the syllabi for classes in each major. Industrial and Systems Engineering stuck out to me because it combined many things I was interested in, including lots of math, business applications, some computer science, and more. I also loved that it focuses more on the human aspect of engineering!

My Favorite Classes

Before taking ISE-499, I’d never coded in my life. After taking this class, though, I’ve discovered that I want to continue learning how to code by pursuing a Computer Programming minor. In this class, we learn how to use Python, a very intuitive language which is great for those learning to code for the first time. The class was great because for each lab or assignment, I felt that I was producing something tangible and usable. Assignments included designing a program to calculate grade standings based upon scores with different weightings, a hangman game, and a superhero brawl game. I’m really excited to continue coding in different languages in future years!

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My #ViterbiLife

This is my #ViterbiLife

Favorite LA Spots

Though most know it by the name Chanos, El Huero is a great little Mexican-American grill just off campus that’s open 24-hours. When my friends and I get hungry and the dining halls are closed, this is the place we go. The quesadilla and carne asada fries are my two favorite things on the menu!

My Netflix Obsessions

  • Westworld is an HBO show which examines a future in which mankind has built ultra-realistic robots which are used in a western themed amusement park. The parks guests are able to do what they please with the robotic “hosts,” however as things start to go wrong in the park viewers are forced to ask themselves what being human really means. If you’re interested in artificial intelligence or are looking for a mind-bending thriller, this is definitely the show for you!

  • This show is about a computer programmer named Elliot Alderson who works for a cybersecurity firm by day and as a vigilante hacker by night, righting the wrongs he sees in the world. He’s recruited by the mysterious Mr. Robot to execute a hack that has the potential to change the entire world and bring about an economic revolution. I don’t want to say any more for fear of potentially spoiling things, but go watch it, it’s one of the best shows on TV!

Favorite USC Tradition

Every year in advance of the USC vs. UCLA football game, we have a week called Conquest. As we prepare to take on our crosstown rival, there are various activities and festivities, such as a concert and carnival on the McCarthy Quad! The Trojan Knights protect various USC monuments, including Tommy Trojan, for 24 hours a day all week long from any mischief. We have a ton of fun spreading USC spirit as we prepare to take on the Bruins!

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