So it’s hard to believe, but we are now past the halfway point of the semester. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the remaining of my semesters here at USC, which can be a little daunting considering I’m a junior now!

For a quick update, I’m taking three electrical engineering courses: Linear Systems, Probability and Statistics for EE, and Physical Electronics. My fourth class is a GE: Art of Poetry, which can be a nice variety from all the engineering courses I’m taking! On top of this, I’m working one day a week at JPL as I mentioned in my previous blog about my summer internship! I’ve written extensively about my experiences at JPL, so check them out here and here.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been thinking about all the courses I want to take for the rest of my undergraduate and even graduate studies! Viterbi has an awesome program called the Progressive Degree Program (PDP), a five year program where undergraduate engineering students can start taking their Masters level courses in senior year, and therefore get their MS degree in one extra year. For more information on this program, check out their page!


Since all of this has been on my mind, I figured a lot of students trying to decide what their major should be would want to know some more information about the course curriculum! I know I definitely wanted to know what courses I would be taking all four years, even as a senior in high school! For EE, most of the choice comes in starting junior year, where there are three different tracksĀ (Computer Engineering/Circuits, Signals, and Systems/Electrical Sciences), and you start picking electives based on your interests. Below is the EE course curriculum for 2016 (which is applicable in your junior and senior year).


One of my favorite things about this curriculum is the level of choice and variety of different fields you can pick from! It definitely seems overwhelming, but as IĀ learn more about my interests during my time as an undergrad at USC, I’ve come to really appreciate the many choices I have! There’s something for everyone!

Hope you find this informative, and if you have any more questions about Electrical Engineering at USC, definitely check out their site here! Fight on!

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