Everyone knows about the great concerts at the Staples Center, which is conveniently a short metro ride away from USC. But, what’s even better than that? Concerts on campus! Every year, USC has annual events that involve live concerts on McCarthy Quad, and they’re always so much fun! They’re also completely free (and you thought it couldn’t get any better). Some of my favorite memories involve getting excited about artists coming to McCarthy, and being able to just head downstairs from my dorm to an awesome show. I’ve been able┬áto see Nico and Vinz at the Welcome Week Concert, Miguel at Conquest, 2Chainz at SpringFest, and tons more! The USC Concerts Committee does a great job of getting some really popular and well-known artists to perform for us students, and it’s always exciting waiting for the reveal of the headlining artist of these events!

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These events are all annual traditions here at USC, and they’ve contributed to some of the best experiences I’ve had so far! Nothing beats getting together with your friends, sampling some of the amazing food at the food trucks next to the stage, and enjoying a lively concert.

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