Hello there! Summer is nearing its last few weeks, and my summer internship at NASA just recently ended. I’m currently relaxing and taking a much needed break at home in Florida for the next two weeks. I thought I would share what a typical day in my summer is like during my internship at JPL! I’ve written a few blogs about my internship, and this is a chance for you to see what exactly a day at work for me is like. I also shared all the pictures in this post and more on the viterbistudent Snapchat, where you can get a great idea of a typical day for college students like me!

During my time in Pasadena during the summer, I stayed in an apartment next to Caltech’s campus, because they have a very convenient shuttle that goes from Caltech to JPL. I would only need to walk about 15 minutes to get to the stop, and the shuttle saved me so much time that I would have wasted if I had to take the Metro! I get to work at around 8:30 every day! Most JPLers are on a 9/80 schedule, which means that they work 9 hours a day and get every other Friday off! When I’m at work, I spend most of my time downstairs in the lab, which is always set at a chilly 65 degrees. Sometimes I need to take a break (and thaw a little bit), so I’ll head over to one of the cafes on campus and refill on coffee or grab something quick. If you want to know more about what I worked on for the Europa mission, click here and read more about it!

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I would usually get off work around 5:30, and take the Metro home (unfortunately the shuttle doesn’t run that late!). Most of my nights included getting dinner with some friends, catching up on some Netflix (gotta relax and rewind somehow!), and a trip to the gym if I was feeling particularly ambitious. 🙂 Weekends would usually consist of more food with friends, and the occasional trip to events around Los Angeles, like going to the LA Smorgasburg or a Shakespeare play at Griffith Park!


I definitely have no complaints about my summer, and I’m sad to see that it’s going by so quickly! On the bright side, the end of summer means the start of another school year at SC!

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