Hello everyone! As the weather gets warmer, I’m finding myself outside enjoying the fresh air a lot more often! I thought I’d share some of my favorite spots on campus!

  • Engineering Quad: My favorite spot on campus is by far the E-quad at Viterbi! There are tons of tables around, so I never have trouble nabbing a spot in the shade! When the weather is nice (which is almost always), I’ll usually spend an afternoon doing homework outside! Lots of other students love this spot too, so it’s common to find a friend or two! The quad is also incredibly gorgeous and open!


  • ┬áLemonade: Lemonade is located in the Campus Center, and it’s my favorite place to get lunch! Everything tastes fresh and healthy, and the line moves pretty quickly! Be sure to try their macarons and lemonade!


  • Doheny Library: Sometimes I’ll need a pretty serious work environment, and Doheny Library is my go-to spot for that. The main study room is huge and spacious, and it really does feel like it came straight out of a Harry Potter book! It’s one of the most beautiful places on campus!


  • McCarthy Quad: On sunny days, there will always be tons of students throwing frisbees or footballs, tanning on the grass, or hanging in their hammocks! There are often concerts on McCarthy on certain weekends, and every week there is a farmer’s market! There’s always something going on!

These are some of my favorite places on campus! Hope you check them out!

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