Helloo friends! Recently, I’ve found myself getting really into podcasts. They’re the perfect thing for me to listen to when I’m cooking (mindlessly chopping up vegetables can get REALLY tedious), commuting to my internship at JPL, or even walking to class. I love how they teach me something every single day, and I feel like I’m using my down time usefully! It’s even gotten me out of my Netflix addiction (although I’m still religiously following Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder)!

Here are my top 3 favorite podcasts:

1. TED Radio Hour: I’ve always loved watching TED Talks on YouTube, and NPR’s TED Radio Hour podcasts is basically a longer TED Talk! It’s positively fascinating, with a range of different topics from how to find happiness to how data about our individual lives will reshape our world. I’m currently listening to a two part episode called Screen Time, which is about how our relationships with our smart devices are changing us. This is my favorite podcast right now, and I highly recommend it!

2. Planet Money: Can you tell I really like NPR podcasts? Planet Money basically explains how the economy works through anecdotal stories. There’s an episode on why there aren’t enough Women in Tech (very fascinating as a woman in STEM), and the one I most recently listened to is called “Professor Blackjack,” which is about an MIT professor who changed the game of blackjack forever and went on to change Wall Street investing too. It was a wild story and got me hooked on this podcast!

3. Viterbi Voices: The Podcast: And of course, I can’t mention podcasts without mentioning the Viterbi Voices Podcast! Talk about a range of engineering topics. Paul and Alex interview engineering professors from all the different majors, engineering student organizations like the Society of Women Engineers and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, to other miscellaneous topics about engineering! My favorite episode is “Electrical Engineering with Professor Shrikanth Narayanan,” but I’m biased. Find out what your favorite episode will be by checking out the podcast here!

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