Usually, when people think about college life as an engineer, questions revolve around coursework, free time exploring the city, and student organizations for ways to get involved. In my time at USC, though, I’ve realized that there’s one part of student life that is often put on the back burner: health. Now that finals season is fast approaching (thank goodness there’s Thanksgiving break in between!), staying healthy is one of my biggest priorities right now! Nothing is worse than taking a bunch of exams with a sniffly nose. 🙁

We all know that common colds are, well, common, especially when you’re sharing a dorm or apartment with several other people! This has been on my mind lately, because several of my roommates are sick with a cold, and this is often something that is caused by stress and made worse by even more stress. But, I want to share some advice for how to stay healthy in the midst of a stressful midterm and finals season, because taking care of health is one of the biggest priorities for a happy student life.

You probably already know the typical words of wisdom: wash your hands often, stay home when you’re sick, drink lots of fluids, etc. Even more important than these tips, however, is sleeping! The stereotype for engineers is that we often don’t get lots of sleep, but I’ll share a little secret with you: we do sleep, even 8-9 hours regularly! It’s astonishing, I know. 🙂 For me, sleep does wonders to help me manage my stress levels and fight off those pesky illnesses.

Food is another tip I have, and if you’ve read some of my other blogs, you’ll know that I have an appreciation for good food! Nourishing your body with fruits and vegetables is key to helping you feel your best! You’ll have the proper energy to pull through long hours of studying, and though it’s disappointing, it might be better to grab some fruit or yummy salads at Lemonade than to order a plate of nachos! If you’re curious for some good and healthy food options at USC, I’m happy to let you know that there are plenty! Check out my top spots at USC here! My friend Bria also has a cool blog on healthy food options at SC, so read it here!

look at the beauty

healthy doesn’t have to be difficult!

Remember to take care of yourself, especially now that you’re an adulting college student! Sometimes you have to treat yourself, and being kind to yourself can do wonders for both your physical and mental health. Until next time, Fight On!

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