It’s crazy to believe, but I’ve officially been in LA for more than two years now! I’ve gotten the chance to explore so many incredible aspects of this huge city, but one of my favorite parts about LA is its diversity and melting pot of cultures. Within a short distance of USC, there is Little Tokyo, Koreatown, Little Armenia, Thaitown, Chinatown, and so many more diverse areas. I also happen to have a love of food, and luckily, I’ve gotten to explore many cultures through food festivals here in LA! While LA might be well known for its music festivals, I would say that its food festivals deserve just as much hype. 🙂

Over the summer, I got to go to LA’s Smorgasburg, which originated in Brooklyn. It’s a festival of sorts, with a “smorgasburg” of food vendors and other small artisanal vendors selling goods. I got to try a very impressive array of food, like an indian paratha taco that was stuffed with pork belly (how’s that for fusion?), coconut curry noodles, and an avocado toast that was topped with brisket! I love that I got to try a variety of foods from different cultures all in one place. This was my first experience at a food market like this, and I have to admit, I was definitely hooked after this experience.



Also, this past weekend was LA’s annual Greek Fest! My roommates and I took a short Uber ride to St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral for a night of amazing Greek food and dancing! It was incredibly crowded, and the atmosphere was so festive it was contagious! We had to try all the different greek pastries (including my personal favorite, baklava) and participate in the dancing! I can’t get over how easy it is here to become immersed in different cultures, especially with festivals like these happening all the time!


I highly encourage all of you to attend one of these festivals if you’re interested in learning more about different cultures, and/or if you’re a major foodie like me! Check out another one of my food-related blogs here as well as some information about Smorgasburg here, because it happens every Sunday in the Arts District, which is conveniently very close to USC!

Thanks for checking out this blog, and fight on!

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