Hi everyone! This week I want to talk more about things I love to do in LA! I did a brief overview of some great things to do in the city a few weeks ago, and you can read about it here! I touched on it briefly in this previous post, but now I really want to expand on some of my favorite places to eat here in LA! There is such an incredible diversity in the cuisine, and if you love food as much as I do, you’re going to love these places!

1.Mama Lu’s Dumpling House: Sometimes, I just get hit with a craving for authentic Chinese food! At Mama Lu’s, they specialize in all sorts of different dishes like soup dumplings, pan-fried buns, green onion pancakes, and more! This is always a favorite, with the casual atmosphere and inexpensive but delicious food! It’s easily accessible through Uber, and you’ll definitely have plenty of leftovers to take home.

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2. Road to Seoul: Korean barbecue is definitely one of the trendiest things around right now! Food seems to taste so much better when you cook it yourself…and when it’s all you can eat! I’ve been to Road to Seoul a number of times now, and I even coaxed my roommate into trying it for the first time. It’s such a fun experience and a great way get some delicious food in while enjoying the company of your friends! I would highly recommend grabbing some friends and heading to this spot!

Food is serious business, especially when it's kbbq!

Food is serious business, especially when it’s kbbq!

3. CREAM: There’s always room for dessert! This spot is very high up on my list for best dessert spots because it’s close to campus, and of course, amazing! There are so many different choices, from fresh ice cream cookie sandwiches, to brownie sundaes, to ice cream waffle tacos! It’s extremely rich, so it always feels like a treat. 🙂

Enjoying some CREAM with friends: perfect way to celebrate finishing midterms!

Ice cream sandwiches make us smile!

Of course, there are so many amazing places to eat in this huge city that it’s almost impossible to get them all, but never fear! Yelp and the suggestions of friends will leave you with more than enough restaurants on your food bucket list! I’m not the only one who has one, right?

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