Hey everyone! The semester is almost over, it’s and kind of crazy to think that I’m going to be halfway done with college! This got me thinking about the amazing time I’ve had so far here at SC, and what my favorite parts are as an engineering student in the middle of LA.

Of course, I love being an electrical engineering student here! All of my courses have been engaging and very hands-on, which keeps things lively and applicable. Since I am heading into my junior year, I will be picking my “track”, or my emphasis for my upper division courses! The three possible tracks are Computer Engineering, Electrical Sciences, and Circuits, Signals, and Systems! I find that my EE courses are challenging but collaborative, so while I learn a lot from my professors, I also learn from my fellow engineers!


As an out-of-state student coming to LA all the way from Florida, I love that I can explore the city in my downtime! Granted, as an engineer, finding tons of free time is difficult, but there are those weekends when I’ve finished all my assignments and don’t have any (immediate) midterms! LA has something for everyone, whether it be museums like LACMA, hiking (to the Hollywood Sign), or just shopping around in DTLA. I never have a shortage of fun things to do around here!



And finally, in case you haven’t noticed from my extensive blog posts on food, I love going out to eat, whether it’s on campus or off! My favorite spot to eat at on campus is hands down Lemonade, which right in the middle of campus in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center! They have delicious premade salads, braises, sandwiches, and of course, their namesake lemonade! If you’re ever around campus, I would highly recommend you try Lemonade out! If I’m feeling particularly adventurous, I love to explore the LA food scene; my latest go-to spot is The Pie Hole in DTLA. Nothing beats a good slice of pie!


These are only a few reasons why I love being a student here at USC, but if you have any more questions about #ViterbiLife, feel free to ask! Until next time, Fight On!

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