Hey guys! So I’m really enjoying my semester so far, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite classes!

I’ve discovered that my most interesting classes usually tend to be my engineering courses, and this is 100% true for my EE courses! My favorite part about my EE courses is that the theoretical and practical parts of engineering are put together so seamlessly. Most of my lectures usually tend to be about 70% lecture and 30% lab and practice. Getting that hands-on experience is so important, and it contributes to a really dynamic and fun class! There’s no falling asleep in class in EE, that’s for sure!

Building circuits in EE class! #ViterbiClass #EE

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Along the same lines of engineering, I’ve had an amazing experience with physics! Honestly, I didn’t enjoy physics in high school, but I decided to take Honors Physics with Professor Bickers, and now I can’t get enough of physics! Professor Bickers is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. The course is definitely pretty difficult, but with all the friendships I’ve made and the physics I’ve learned, it’s so worth it!

Of course, no semester is complete without some fun classes! Last semester, I took ballroom dancing, which was a great way to get myself out of my comfort zone! I’m currently taking yoga as well, and let me tell you, yoga is a million times harder than it looks! I love these small one unit courses though, because they provide a little variety in the week, and it’s a great way to unwind!

Thanks for checking out some of my favorite classes!

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