What better way to share some advice with incoming freshman than by recapping some of my and my friend’s biggest and most classic Freshman mistakes in a Buzzfeed-esque list:

  1. Leaving my dorm door closed on move in day

On move in day, after a hot day of lugging around suitcases and perfectly setting up your dorm, you, if you’re anything like me, might need a nap.

Some dorm friends and me fighting on with Mickey

Some dorm friends and me fighting on with Mickey

Don’t close your door and lay down on your bed just yet! Move in day can be a fun and easy day to make friends so instead of napping, I suggest you prop your door open, play some relaxing music if you need it, and just wait to see who walks in.

2. Being “To Cool” for Welcome Week Events

In the first week of school, USC gives out free food and puts on concerts and other events for freshmen to meet up and have fun. Don’t even for one second think these events are “not cool” because they are put on by the school! I’m almost a Junior and me and my friends still reminisce over the welcome back concert and infamous glow dance ! Oh and did I mention there is free food too?

3. Being Scared of my Professors

Little did I know that even if a professor lecturing to 200 people about Art History, they still want to know their students and ensure every one of them succeeds! One of my biggest mistakes freshman year was waiting until the end of the semester to go to office hours for the class I was struggling in, but to my surprise the professor was excited to sit down with me, not annoyed what so ever! Make sure you utilize every resource at USC.

4. Studying Alone

In high school, I usually did my homework alone because most of my friends lived far away from me so aI rarely saw them after class. In college however, all my friends lived right down the hall but when classes began, I continued to only study alone. Yes it’s easier to focus alone, but I soon learned that its important to relax sometimes and work next to or with friends.

5. Not Reading the Dining Hall Menus

I lived right above the EVK dining hall my freshman year so it was a little too easy to just hop down there for dinner even if their dishes didn’t match my tastes. Little did I know however that all three of the dining halls post their diverse menus online every week so when EVK’s food options didn’t suit me, Parkside or Cafe 84 did! Don’t let a few extra steps hold you back from USC’s great food options.

6. Saying “No”


Some friends from the Rocket Propulsion lab with the DCX II rocket my freshman year

Throughout freshman year I was asked to join an countless clubs, was told to participate in research, and also join a design team of some sort. The list of options was honestly overwhelming and I was nervous I wouldn’t have time for everything so I only joined a few extracurriculars. Whoops. Freshman year is the perfect time to try all sorts of activities, but if you join a club you end up not liking, don’t worry! Freshman forgiveness is a thing! So go get involved on campus so you can find what you like to do.

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