I’m going to be honest: engineering is a hard major and it can get

That day I studied a little too hard

That day I studied a little too hard

really intensive at times, especially during finals season. Luckily I have some secret techniques and spots at USC to keep your heart rate below 100 beats per minute on those extra tough days.


First off, I’ve learned that it can be exhausting sitting in one place and reading 100 pages of review material. Whenever I begin to get tired sitting at a desk I’ve found that taking a break to move around and switch study locations can help me focus again. Lately, I have been making an effort to study in as many places at USC so after studying in one library for an hour or so, I jump to the next one. The key to reducing stress however isn’t rushing between libraries, enjoy the walk and make sure to appreciate every bit of USC’s breathtaking campus. Appreciating the place you get to study will make it all worthwhile.

Personally, I usually post up under the Isaac Newton painting in the Hoose philosophy library for inspiration or amongst the intricate models of the architecture library, but for when you get tired of the

The Hoose Philosophy Library at prime study hours (Make sure to look at the mosaics on the walls when you're there)

The Hoose Philosophy Library at prime study hours (Make sure to look at the mosaics on the walls when you’re there)

library, there are options. To get a good view while doing calculus take the elevator to the top floor of Tutor Campus Center and sit down at the window side desk in the Student Affairs office. If you’re looking for the most secluded place you can find however, sneak into the Doheny book stacks where every floor is lined with secret desks and cubicles. For some reason, being surrounded by nine floors of accumulated life works of thousands of authors helps me find more motivation after long days. It’s important to find spots at USC that motivate you in the same ways so go explore.

Lastly, studying doesn’t always require a desk, my favorite place to study at USC is lounging in my hammock on McCarthy quad with the Los Angeles sun to keep me warm.

Hammocking in McCarthy Quad

Hammocking in McCarthy Quad

Trust me, it’s impossible to be nervous for a final when you’re swinging in a hammock or even just laying in the grass. Well that’s it then, the secret’s out so next time you feel your heart rate rise, move around, explore SC, and find your equivalent of a hammock on McCarthy Quad.

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