No two experiences at Viterbi are the same. If anyone thinks there’s a “typical” USC Viterbi student, they’ll probably find more exceptions than agreements to the rule. That’s enough to keep campus life exciting for me.

Outside of my Physics, Calculus, Probability and ISE Manufacturing classes, I make sure I shake off the stress — literally.

I love to dance and I’m crazy about two of my favorite dance groups on campus: Break On 2 (USC’s salsa performance team) and the USC Repertory Dance Company (the company attracts an amazing bunch of talented contemporary and hip hop dancers!). After class, I’m usually dashing off to my next dance rehearsal. The best part is being able to perform at USC’s Bing Theatre and at the Bovard Auditorium. Performance season comes right before the final exams, so balancing dance and studying is toughest at this point! Studying is still my number one priority so I make sure I squeeze in productive chunks of homework time between classes. Time management is key!

USC Repertory Dance Company's Spring 2010 Zoo-Themed Show

Performing at the Bing Theatre

USC Repertory Dance Company's Fall 2009 Movie-Inspired Production

So it might be safe to say I’m an engineer by day and a dancer by night… Almost like I have an alternate persona! It’s an awesome feeling to be involved in different niches on campus. When I go out to social dancing events, that’s when I meet some of the most diverse and interesting people from all walks of life. Some of them are engineers, too!

Among other things, I love frequenting the beach, going hiking (Point Mugu is gorgeous!!) and finding good places to eat around (and outside of) LA. As a non-LA native, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of finding new things to do in the city.

The view from up-top the Santa Monica Mountains @ Point Mugu