Top Foodie Happenings of the Week:

1. I tried Beard Papa’s eclair cream puffs for the first time!!! They were delicious. Their cookie cream puffs are next on my list.

Eclair cream puffs. They're to die for.

2. Midnight Daikokuya run! Best ramen in town, hands down.

3. I found the most awesome potstickers (gyoza dumplings) at the Marukai Japanese Market in Gardena. They’ve also got those plush pillows, furniture and little trinkets you won’t find anywhere else. I love Asian markets! Gardena is quite a drive from campus, but it’s well worth it.

4. On the lunch menu: Tomato-spinach-mozzarella pasta + Blueberry mint lemonade + Seared ahi tuna from Lemonade @ the Campus Center. Mm mm!