This weekend was incredible! I knew from the start of the Fall semester that I couldn’t miss out on the weekender this football season, so I made it happen. I took a trip with friends from Fremont (near San Jose, CA) to see the Stanford vs. USC football game, hang out with friends from Berkeley and have a good time.

Having grown up in the Philippines, I was never exposed to American football except through the movies. Coming to USC definitely got me into the hype of the college football scene, but unfortunately I didn’t get to participate in the weekender festivities in my freshman and sophomore years. Come junior year, the weekender was on the top of my list, and it didn’t disappoint!

Before heading to Palo Alto, I hung out with friends at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont. We barbecued burgers and victory dogs (bacon-wrapped hot dogs) by the gorgeous lake. The view was amazing! After an hour-long drive, I wandered around the Stanford campus with my good friend Kristi before meeting up with friends and heading to the Stanford Stadium.

Grilling hot dogs and burgers! Yum.

Kristi and I explored the campus sporting our USC gear loud and proud!

Walking down the picturesque halls of Stanford

We got seats right behind Stanford’s student section — needless to say, the ten of us were the voice of the USC Trojans amidst a sea of Stanford Cardinals. The Trojan Marching Band played on and was awesome on the field, as always! The game was a nail-biter, with Stanford taking the win at 37-35. The game was exciting from start to finish, but ended painfully for USC.

The USC Marching Band makes me feel so proud.

Despite the loss, the trip was well worth it. The six-hour car ride between So-Cal and Nor-Cal was beyond entertaining! We threw in a couple games of Telephone Pictionary and Taboo, and the road trip couldn’t have been more perfect. Can’t wait for the next weekender against Berkeley! FIGHT ON!

USC vs. Stanford 2010

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