This is a tough one. I’ve been involved in academic and artistic groups on campus and every single organization I’ve ever worked with runs on so much drive and creativity. Dancing, choreographing and performing with USC’s Repertory Dance Company and Break On 2 Salsa Team has been incredibly inspiring since I get to work with fellow dancers who love giving their all to creating a better dance show year after year. For more information on what the Repertory Dance Company has been up to this year, check out my previous blog post on our upcoming show, Arabian Nights!

Performing a contemporary rumba piece with Break On 2 at Bovard Auditorium

While I get to harness my creative energy through these 2 dance companies, I’ve found that an integral part to my growth at USC has been my involvement at the Information Systems Association (ISA). ISA is an incredibly unique organization because it attracts students from engineering, business, economics, accounting, and even humanities majors. What brings us together is an interest in information systems and its business implications. In this field, there is an intrinsic relationship between technology and business, therefore students (a) with a technical background (engineers) who are looking for a career path in a business setting, and (b) with a business, humanities, or economic background looking to work in a field where technology is at the forefront, come together at ISA. I am ISA’s President this year and it has been a whirlwind getting our members involved with different companies throughout the semester. What a learning experience it has been!

Many companies who recruit from ISA know that ISA has a diverse membership base that spans the university. That’s what makes us pretty attractive to recruiters in industry. Career opportunities in consulting, advisory, accounting, financial management, strategic management, and such are brought to ISA’s attention, and we bring in industry representatives from various companies to speak to ISA’s members every week. When students are looking for internships and full-time jobs, ISA meetings are often a great destination. The fact that we have a different company recruiting USC students every week in the semester shows that there are many opportunities out there; it’s up to each student to step up and meet these company representatives who are eager to network with students.

Last week, ISA hosted Industry Night, our biggest networking event. We had over 100 students and 8 companies attend our banquet at the Radisson Hotel Grand Ballroom, just across the street from campus.

The ISA and IIE Executive Board Members who made Industry Night happen!

At Industry Night, we had a speed networking activity where students got to rotate between company tables to meet corporate representatives from companies like Deloitte, PWC, Amgen, Hitachi Consulting, Southern California Edison, and more.

Over 100 students and 8 companies networking at Industry Night

The event was very successful and has been a long standing tradition for ISA. I spent months with ISA’s executive board communicating with companies and students to make this event come through. It is so rewarding to see it come together and have students create valuable connections with ISA’s industry partners.

For more information on ISA, check out our website and Facebook group!