Nah, I don’t think the best season is winter… nor is it spring, summer or fall. It’s gotta be the holidays!!! That means you can imply a few things: finals are over (wonderful), I get to go home to see the family (at last!) and reunions and parties are in the works with my good ‘ol high school friends (can this get any better?!). Now that Fall 2010 is in the past, it’s time to look forward to the endless possibilities of 2011 while trying not to worry too much about the posting of class grades!

I was restless on the plane ride home, but was pleasantly surprised to find that my plane had individual screens with tons of movies and TV show episodes to choose from. I watched a few movies and Despicable Me was by far the highlight. Steve Carrell’s accent was hilarious without trying too hard, and the rest of the characters (especially Agnes) were just adorable. Favorite quote:

Victor (a villain who renamed himself as “Vector”): Vector! That’s me, because I’m committing crime with both direction and magnitude. OH YEAH!!!

So I’m back in Manila where it’s been cool and rainy. It’s great to be back with the family for Christmas! Filipino Christmases are known to be THE longest holidays in the world. Right after people put their Halloween decorations down, Christmas trees go up, Christmas lights go on, and carols find their way in the mall, at home and on the radio. In other words, the “ber” months (September onwards) become synonymous with the Christmas season. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by festive spirits for more than a couple months?

Now, this will be my last blog until January. I’ve got a trip to Hawaii coming up and I can’t wait to visit my friends from SC who are from Honolulu!!

Happy holidays, everyone!!