I had an amazing Halloween weekend! I went to Knott’s Scary Farm and then hit up West Hollywood for the annual parade that trails down Santa Monica boulevard.

First up, Knotts! This was my very first experience at a haunted theme park and it was awesome. I have no point of comparison, although I do hear Universal’s Horror Nights and LA Hayride are scarier. I won’t deny it — I’m easily scared!! I was jumpy all night and fell for all the clown and zombie’s scare tactics. For the braver souls, you’ll find lots of amusement watching everyone else (you’d think it’s mostly girls and kids falling prey to the zombies, but the guys let out some screams, too) get scared and chased around the park.

The foggiest parts of the park are the best/scariest, and some ghouls are pretty creative at startling people. I was amused and on my toes most of the time, whereas my friend was just cracking up watching everyone get scared.

We got to the park at 7:30 (park opens at 7, parking is tricky), got through every maze (lines are a breeze; if they’re long, they move pretty quickly), and rode the Calico Mine (this was my first ride… it wasn’t the greatest, but it was my first, so my expectations weren’t too high) and the Silver Bullet rides. The line for the Silver Bullet took more than an hour (sheesh), so I recommend hitting that up BEFORE the mazes if you get to the park early.

The mazes that stood out to me were: Delirium and Fallout Shelter (like being in an asylum, both mazes are next to each other and once you exit Fallout, you feed right into Delirium), Virus Z (zombie invasion in an old-school diner), and Corn Stalkers (scarecrows in a corn field, really creepy!). These four got A’s on the creep factor for sure.

The overrated mazes: Doll Factory (discombobulated dolls) and Uncle Bobo’s (psycho clowns). The Terror of London maze had great props, but there were barely any actors in the entire maze and I didn’t get a single scare. Same issue with the Doll Factory…

It’s helpful to know that every person’s experience with the mazes differs based on how many actors are in the maze, who they choose to scare, and the people around you!

Best observation of the night??? All the guys held their girl friends in front of them (as if hugging them from the back… we know you’re using them as bait)… 🙂

Overall, it was a really good time. Will definitely check out the other scares LA has to offer next Halloween, but Knotts is great!!

Next up was the Halloween Parade in West Hollywood. Many of my friends have been to the parade in the past so I thought it’d be perfect to go this year! Can’t believe it’s the last halloween of my college days…


I went with a bunch of friends and all together, we were a crew of a pirate, a spartan, Jessica Rabbit, Julius Caesar, Fred Flintstone, and Little Red Riding Hood just to name a few. The walk along Santa Monica was great — perfect for people-watching and scouting the best costumes! Here are my favorites:

Now where on earth is that darn puppy...

Aladdin and twin

Finally, a real life Ken doll!!

A Tron man and a Transformer

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