One of the best things about the Information Systems Association (ISA) is its link to Trojans from different academic backgrounds who are all interested in information technology (IT) strategy, the business of information systems and technology consulting. As President of ISA this year, it’s been a challenge because I’m always striving to help students take advantage of the organization’s resources. The biggest challenge for the ISA executive board and myself is gaining publicity throughout USC and attracting students with the right attitude, skills and mindset that many technology companies look for when they recruit at SC.

At an ISA event

What I really like about technology consulting is the fact that the firms don’t look for students from a specific major. These kinds of firms are looking for intelligent individuals who are keen problem solvers and analytical thinkers. No matter what your major is, if you have the aptitude, skill and passion to succeed in this business, you’re a qualified candidate. I’ve met folks in the forensic technology practice (where they deal with data analysis, fraud investigation, etc.) who majored in Information Systems and others who majored in Electrical Engineering and even English!

Students filing in for an ISA panel discussion

The mix of brilliant minds who come from a variety of academic disciplines excites me and is the main reason I got involved in ISA a few years back. ISA members reflect this diversity and now that I hold a leadership position, I hope to live up to the standard of the organization. ISA’s main goal is to connect students with recruiters so they can network and discover what the internship or job entails, and to provide students with career-oriented resources like resume and interview workshops. Most recently, Deloitte Consulting’s technology practice visited campus to talk to ISA members about their competitive internship program. Next week, my good friend Leland is holding a interactive session about how to take advantage of ConnectSC (USC’s online portal for job opportunities), how to tailor your resume and how to take advantage of your personal and professional network.

For most people interested in ISA, the most pertinent classes at USC include those under Information and Operations Management (IOM) and Information Technology Program (ITP). As an Industrial and Systems Engineering major, I feel like a lot of my ISE classes train me to build transferable skills that will be needed in the IT consulting industry. Click on these links to learn more about IOM, ITP and ISA!