At dance rehearsal last week, a dreaded and unanticipated injury forced me to take a break from many of my on-campus activities, especially my rehearsals for 2 upcoming shows. My right ankle twisted as I landed on it, and it is not pleased with me. I’ve been RICE-ing it all week (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) and it’s certainly showing signs of improvement! I’m hoping I can start dancing again this Wednesday. Although this is my 5th sprained ankle incident and I know it isn’t the worst I’ve had, it has come at the most undesirable time of year when rehearsals are at an all-time high…

At the moment of the injury, I was terrified I’d have to make the tough decision of giving up my performances with Break On 2 and Repertory Dance Company. Both shows are in the end of April and time’s a-ticking. It’s a heart-wrenching thought because I’ve dedicated so much to these dance groups and have been working so hard for it! As a choreographer for several salsa pieces, dancers are relying on me and I’d hate to let them down. I’m mustering up all the strength I have to get back into dancing shape. Looking at how my ankle is right now, I know I’m not ready to dance yet… I’m torn between getting back to dancing this week OR resting all the way til Spring break and working quadruple-time when we all get back. AAH!

Meanwhile, I’ve also had to miss the SWE Regional Conference in Palm Springs last weekend. I heard it was another amazing and fruitful career event!

Representing USC and Viterbi at the SWE west coast conference