This year’s Halloween weekend has been epic thus far. Here’s a hint of what I’ve been up to since the festivities began…

On Friday, I came across some awesomely dressed folks around campus. Some of the best ones were Jafar from Aladdin (spotted walking past Tommy Trojan), a Banana (spotted at Hoffman Hall, serving food at the Marshall Council Meeting – where I represented my organization, the Information Systems Association) and a Penguin (spotted at the Ronald Tutor Campus Center). The best part was that I saw these characters in the middle of the day… Of course once the sun set, everyone was dressed in full costume left and right.

On Friday night, my friends and I had a fish cook-off. My friend had gone fishing at Redondo Beach and brought home fresh red snapper and cod! We cooked them four different ways: with a tomato-coconut sauce, baked in a dome of salt, pan fried, and seared; all served with rice cooked with coconut milk and beans — Caribbean style. DELICIOUS. I had enough fish to last me the week, but it tasted amazing!!

Salt-baked fish = fish baked in a dome of salt and then cut into fillets

On Saturday, I went to Marina Del Rey and listened to the live band Upstream play some old school classics by the ocean. I also rode the two-seater tandem bike down the bike trail by the beach. The weather was perfect — there was a slight breeze and no rain, even though the forecast said there would be light showers. The view was incredible, and it was the most relaxing Saturday afternoon I’ve had in a while. I’m definitely going back to Marina Del Rey to go down the bike trail at sunset!

The view by the Marina Del Rey pier

Today, to celebrate the last of the Halloweekend, I’m heading out to Steven’s Steakhouse — a popular spot for salsa dancers around LA. I can’t wait to see my friends dressed up and dancing in costume. Salsa dancing can get pretty crazy with all the spins and dips, so it’ll be an interesting night for sure! Happy halloween!