A couple weekends ago, before the crazy whirlwind of midterms blew my way, I got to explore some of LA’s most well-known spots: Griffith Observatory and Hancock Park.

I had been to Griffith Observatory before (back in freshman year) and watched the spectacular indoor planetarium show. I remember sinking into my reclined seat in the dome-shaped theater, watching stars shoot by. It was a great educational (and sensory!) experience. The second time around, I visited the observatory just to get a glimpse of the city. It had just rained, so I knew the sky would be clearer than usual and it would be the perfect time to head up the winding roads of Mount Hollywood.

Sitting on a ledge musing at the city lights

The skyscrapers in downtown LA, the brighter than bright city lights, the Hollywood sign, and a crystal clear view of the horizon are just some of the things that will catch your eye atop Griffith. My friends and I found a few tables where we could lounge around, but the best part was walking by the ledge, taking in a 360-degree view of the city.

That same week, I had a couple hours to spare on a Friday afternoon and decided to visit a friend in Koreatown and check out the LA Contemporary Museum of Art (LACMA) and Hancock Park across the street.

The famous forest of lampposts at LACMA

One of the most famous scenes at LACMA is the forest of 120 lampposts. Correct me if I’m wrong; my source was merely a passerby who informed me there were exactly 120… I didn’t bother to count. I’ve seen a number of movies shot here, and pretty as it may be during the day, it’s probably looks more spectacular at night!

Hancock Park is right next door, so I took a stroll up and down the hills of the park. There were many interesting things/structures/sights, including animal-shaped hedges, a tar pit, the George Page Museum, and a impressive line of food trucks lining the street. Although there isn’t too much to see in the park itself, I would go again to grab a bite at one of the food trucks, sit on the grass, bask in the sun, and take in the last bits of warm LA weather!