Man, what a weekend! When I found out the Blue Man Group was performing in Orange County, I knew I had to see them. Seeing their painted faces on billboards and ads creeped me out, I’ll admit, but I’ve heard the hoop-la about their act since I was a kid and still had no clue what these guys were all about. It was time for me to find out!

My friend and I lucked out and got some student rush tickets at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa. It’s a gorgeous theater where tons of broadways, symphonies, and ballets are performed. The greatest, most talented performers from all over the world have shared their art at Segerstrom. It’s one of my favorite theaters in SoCal, for sure. Anyway — back to the curious blue men. Student rush tickets were only $20 and we got “Poncho Zone” seats!!! Yup, we sat at the very first row, got into our ponchos and got ready for some paint splashing craziness.

Sitting in the poncho zone with the rest of the theater behind me

The show was interactive, had some audience participation and ended with a bang. I was even selected as one of the few to participate in some of their antics!!! It was great. I won’t give too much detail for the sake of not spoiling it for anyone who hopes to see the Blue Men in action!

Hanging out with the front man after the show!

For dinner, we checked out a cuban restaurant called Habana at the Lab “Anti Mall”. It’s basically a collection of stores with a retro, indie vibe. They call themselves an anti mall in an attempt to be hipster, I’m guessing… I was diggin it — I love their selection of stores, the rustic decor, and the intimate feel. Plus, there was a fire pit right outside Habana, with a cove of rocks and benches to lounge around. I didn’t want to leave!

Ropa Vieja - the house specialty. Served with plantains, black beans and rice. Yum.

The fire pit!

Last but not least, the weekend was marked by a partnership between USC’s salsa team, Break On 2, and the high school students from Dorsey High. Dorsey students have recently been taking ballroom lessons and each Break On 2 dancer partnered up with a high school buddy as a “pen pal” to keep in touch and keep each other motivated. We ended the night with a slammin’ performance by the Dorsey students and a few performances from Break On 2 dancers as well, including myself!

Break On 2 performing for Dorsey High

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

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