One of my favorite classes this semester is IOM-431: Digitalizing your Business. This class falls under the Marshall School of Business, as part of my Information Systems emphasis.

In class, we’re following the new digital trend of E-Portfolios. E-Portfolios resemble résumés because they outline achievements, awards, educational and work experience, and go beyond what a résumé can do because it becomes E-Portfolios can have links to other websites, documents, videos, photos, etc. It ends up becoming a hub, rich with information that can help recruiters (and viewers) learn more about you and your interests.

I’ve been making my own E-Portfolio using Microsoft Web Expressions. The computer libraries on campus conveniently have the software installed. If you’re tech-savvy or are curious about the endless possibilities that an E-Portfolio provides, go ahead and create your own webpage and publish it on the net. You become more searchable and marketable. I took my privacy into consideration and made sure I affiliated myself properly with USC, so I’m hoping my E-Portfolio stands strong. Keeping in mind the downsides of going public with a personal webpage, it’s always smart to keep the tone positive and professional. I definitely enjoyed creating my E-Portfolio. I wouldn’t be surprised to see many of my colleagues create their own in the near future!

Check out my E-Portfolio!