I’ve made up my mind. I’m joining the USC Repertory Dance Company again this year, after deciding to take a break last semester. This Spring’s dance show, Spring Migration, has a special twist to it: USC alumni will be choreographing half the show, bringing back signature pieces from past years at Dance Co.

Luckily, I’ve been given the opportunity to work with Kate Hutter, USC alum and Artistic Director of the LA Contemporary Dance Company (LACDC). Just this past weekend, LACDC debuted Gods and Marionettes on stage at USC’s very own Bovard Auditorium. Six singers, seven dancers and a single actor create a theatrical trifecta of a cappella music, raw, gritty movement and spoken word. Click here to read Nicholas Slayton’s article on the performance, published in the Daily Trojan.

Gods and Marionettes. Photo credit: Daily Trojan

I’m so excited to be working with other talented dancers and choreographers this semester! Sometimes I decide to step back and take a break from being in the dance company so I can focus on academics. But this semester, I think I can handle the extra commitment.

Another show to watch out for is Break On 2’s spring showcase! It’s called Break On 2 Presents: The Chase. I’ll be choreographing a salsa routine for the team as well. The concept is “the chase”, which a choreographer can represent in any way he/she wants. I can’t wait to see both shows come together!

Break On 2 performing at Bovard Auditorium