The last two weeks of classes also means it’s show time for many of the dance groups on campus! Break Through recently performed their signature hip hop pieces at the Bovard Auditorium and the Chamber Ballet Company put on a Nutcracker Mashup show, featuring ballet, hip hop, salsa, and a whole lot of other dances. Kristen Scudder, one of my fellow VSAs, performed onstage — check out her blog for more details!

Later this week, the Repertory Dance Company and Xpressions will be holding their own jazz and contemporary dance shows. It’s an exciting time to showcase the arts!

Break Through is always a crowd-pleaser. Their high-energy, dynamic and story-driven dances showcase some of the best hip hop talent at ‘SC. Break On 2 performed a salsa routine, while the Fly Girls, Chaotic 3 (my fave!!), Karmic Law and Street Dance Society were also guest performers. Sadly, I couldn’t make it to the Nutcracker Mashup performance, but I heard it was pretty awesome.

Break On 2 salseros y salseras right after the Break Through show

Now, from performing arts to cinematic arts… Joseph Gordon-Levitt visited campus to talk about his film projects on Preferring to be called Joe, JGL showed us a slew of creative short films with a characteristic “indie” feel to it. Check out Morgan and Destiny’s Eleventeenth Date — The Zeppelin Zoo, which showcases a music score, graphics, and cinematic elements brought together through a worldwide collaboration of artists (some of whom JGL doesn’t even know personally!). The skit features Channing Tatum and Joe himself as co-stars. It’s pretty impressive seeing worldwide talent come together as HitRecord strives to promote artistic collaboration. JGL also showed us a third-party submission to HitRecord called “and a new earth,” with other-worldly, philosophical overtones. Throughout JGL’s spiel, he used Twitter as the medium for answering questions and acknowledging comments from the audience. He is clearly using the current social networking trends to his advantage. Considering he took the stage with a video camera in his hand (to record his view of the audience to post on HitRecord later on), I wonder if any other performers, film enthusiasts, guest speakers or celebrities will follow suit in the use of social networking as alternative media.